Frequently Asked Questions

There is some Frequently Asked Questions below. Many of people doesn't know how to use our website so there is a simple tutorial to answer all questions you have.

1. If player doesn't appear
We are not be able add player to every movie because it costs a lot of time and resources. We don't have our own servers. So if there is no player just choose one of existing mirros below description.

2. What if there is no mirrors?
It means that movie is currently unavailable or been not updated a long time. Movie will be updated as soon as possible and we can't make it faster than it is now.

3. There is no working mirrors
The most popular working mirror is Vizdi and Openload mirrors. You should choose one of these mirrors and probably movie or episode will start immediantly. Just don't forget to press "Play" button, movie doesn't start automatically.
Note: If you are using something like Adblock add our website to whitelist, then continue.

4. Slow buffering or video doesn't loads
It's video sharing mirror problem not our, just choose different mirror. Or you can pause player and wait about 2-3 minutes then press play button again.